Registration ends 1/2/19.
Events are  on a first come first
paid basis-space is limited.

There are a variety of ways to sign up

  1. To pay by check:    
    Download and print out the 2 page registration form.    Compete both sides and mail them with a check to the address shown on the form.    Registrations must be received by 1/2/19.   FINAL 11-27-18 mwpb flyer to print 2 pages with schedule

  2. Register at :  
    Our tournament is listed under Illinois or by the calendar date Jan 4, 2019.You can also follow this link to go directly to our tournament event listing.
    (If you register at pickleball a $2.50 processing fee will be added to the registration fee to cover the additional registration costs to us)


Question:   If you have a Male 3.5 player and a Female 3.0 player then which mixed doubles event can they enter?

Answer:  It’s ok to play UP a level but not DOWN a level. The Mixed Doubles 3.5 team can be made of a team with a male who is a 3.5 and a woman who is a 3.0. In this scenario your mixed 3.5 team has the 3.5 male playing at his level and the 3.0 woman is playing UP a level from 3.0 to 3.5. This is allowed.

You can’t play DOWN a level for a mixed team. So in that same scenario (a male 3.5 and a woman 3.0) then you can’t register as a mixed 3.0 team since the male would be playing down a level. This is not allowed.

Question:  On the Friday tournament (for ages 60+ only)  will there be different skill levels?

Answer:  Yes!  Both tournament days (Friday and Saturday) will have skill level brackets including 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5+.      To play on Friday you will have to be age 60+ and then we separate players by the skill level 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 or 4.5+.       We may combine some skill levels based on registrations but we won’t combine the age 60+ registrations who register to play on Friday in with a group that is under age 60.       On Saturday, all ages (18+) are invited to play in the various skill brackets.

Question: How can I see who has registered for your tournament?

Answer:  We have two ways to register so there isn’t one place that has all the information. We have an online registration form at which allows you to see who has registered through that system. There is a  $2.50 handling fee to process a registration through the website.
On that website you can click on “event player list” and then click on the individual event to see who has registered using

We also have our own private registration system which saves the $2.50 handling fee.  If you register on our page people fill out the online form on our website.   This registration information is saved and we will be uploading this information to the database prior to the tournament. This will probably not be until mid-December.  After we do the upload you’ll be able to see it the combined list of players on

Question:  Do I have to have a partner before I register?  Can you match me up with a partner if I don’t have one?

Answer:  You do not have to already have a partner when you sign up for the tournament.  When you fill out the online registration form, you will be asked if you already have a partner or if you want us to find a partner for you.    If you register without listing a partner, we will assist in matching players to make a team.    Many people don’t have a partner prior to registering so sign up and we can help find you a match so you can play in the tournament.

Question:   Will there be a place to secure valuables on site?

Answer:   Yes!  We have many lockers that are available with an included lock that is set up for a single use coQuestionde.   Basically you just open the door, put your stuff in, make up a code and turn the lock.   Your valuables are secured.   Just go back to the same locker and enter the code and you can open the door.   (Even if you forget your code, we’ll have staff available to unlock your locker).

Question: I’ve only started to play pickleball a short time ago. Am I good enough to play in a tournament?

Answer: Yes!  Pickleball is a social sport so part of the fun is playing against new people.   The tournament format will sort people by skill level so you won’t be playing against teams that are at a very different skill level than you.  Since pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the US then, by definition, most pickleball players are new players to the sport.  Also most pickleball players haven’t played in a tournament so sign up and join the fun with others who are also playing in their first tournament!

Question:   How do I get the tournament packet with hotel, parking, and other important information?

Answer:  go to the tournament packet page.