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You may be thinking am I good enough to play in a tournament?     With pickleball there’s always room for the beginner to play!  As one of the fastest growing sports in America many people are enjoying  their first tournament! Join us!

Have you only played a short time and have ‘pickleball fever’?   Join in at the level 2.5 and you won’t be disappointed!

The tournament will separate players by skill level so you’ll be playing against players who should be close to your abilities.  In a tournament format you’ll be able to play a lot of teams in one day and really improve your experience.   You can see how others play who are at a higher skill level and from other areas.  You’ll meet a number players who you wouldn’t otherwise meet.  Pickleball is a social game so come out and meet new players by signing up and playing in our tournament.

Look at these skill levels and pick a level that most closely matches your skill level.    Look at these descriptions and determine your skill level.

  • Level 2.5:  knows the basic rules including scoring and the two bounce rule, demonstrates control on forehand ground strokes (direction, depth, height), uses backhand groundstrokes, places serve in correct service court, knows correct positioning to serve and return, approaches the non-volley line to hit volleys, can hit a dink shot sometimes.
  • Level 3.0: demonstrates control on the forehand and backhand ground strokes (direction, depth, height), placing serves deep in the court,  uses deeper and higher returns of serve to allow time to approach the net, approaches the non-volley line quickly rather than staying back, sustains a short volley session at the net,  exhibits correct court positioning for doubles and how to “work as a team”, sustains a dink exchange at the net, adjusts to differing ball speeds, returns the ball lower over the net.
  • Level 3.5:  knows all the main rules including how to correct the score and the server, demonstrates control/consistency on forehand and backhand ground strokes,  able to play with partners effectively using court strategies like partner communication and shifting court positions,  avoids hitting balls out, demonstrates a wide variety of shots, uses some slower paced shots vs faster shots to their advantage, able to create coverage gaps and then hit to these gaps, initiates and maintains a sustained dink exchange at the net,  hits overheads with control, developing patience during rallies.
  • Level 4.0: controls and places serve and return of serves, consistent, and dependable forehand and backhand groundstrokes, volleys and overhead.  Accuracy in placing lobs, consistently executes successful slow paced 3rd shot to approach the net, moves effectively with partner, controls play at the non-volley line, recognizes and exploits weaknesses in their opponent’s game, initiates and maintains a sustained dink exchange at the net to elicit a “put away” shot, consistently creates coverage gaps and hits to those gaps, poaches effectively, developing their use of spin on a variety of shots, maintains patience in rallies, can block and return fast, hard volleys, poaches effectively.
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